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Edson-Neil, a Dallas-based firm, has emerged as an innovative solution in a changing industry. Focusing on Dallas and national markets, we specialize in facility consulting and office furniture procurement strategy. Established in 2007, Edson-Neil brings a complete turn-key solution for the commercial client. Let us help you with your office furniture needs, anywhere in the US!

Edson-Neil handles everything involving Dallas used office furniture as well as new office furniture, including cubicles, private office furniture, conference room tables and seating, metal filing, and more! We have a unique approach to selling that truly looks out for the best interests of our clients by being objective and having no agendas. By focusing on service rather than product, Edson-Neil is able to provide assistance for the whole commercial process from budget allocations to
 office furniture installation. In a day where time is money, and a great deal of time is spent by a firm's own employee to search for a wide array of services, Edson-Neil is here to take the load and be held accountable for nearly every aspect of a relocation, renovation, or reconfiguration. Edson-Neil: Beyond Space.

Our strategy for procuring furniture can be tailored to fit any need as well as budget. We understand each client has unique needs. We offer expert guidance so that the client can obtain the most appropriate items. Our high standards ensure that only the highest quality furniture is obtained. Whatever the considerations of the client, we provide a hassle-free experience for their foray into furniture finding.


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